I have this friend, Heidi,  see. And she's amazingly creative and expressive and wonderful and is a very wonderful friend. She makes body puppets and has an amazing business around their creation and expression. For my birthday in July, she gave me a painted card with a coupon on the back good for one pizza body puppet. Of course this is awesomely rad, so I cashed it in and she began her work. I've received various text images on my crappy phone depicting what I can only assume to be the various stages and sketches of creation, but I was still pretty much in the dark about exactly what I would be receiving.

Jump to December, the last pizza sunday of 2012. A friend was going away for the holidays and wanted some deliciousness before his trip, so he sponsored a pizza sunday with all the fixins. Deliciousness ensued. 

My amazingly creative and expressive friend Heidi shows up after telling me she was up all night and wouldn't be able to attend the event. While on my mid-cook break, I asked her to tell me about this body puppet she'd been working on for months to get an idea of what exactly to expect. She told me that she has to go to the bathroom, but she'd oblige me as soon as she came back. And oblige me she did!
Turns out she was up all night finishing this masterpiece! This is by far the most amazing pizza thing, if not all-things thing anyone's ever made for me! It also is up there with the best answer to a question I'd ever asked. Brilliant! There were close to 30 people at the house, and we were all blown away. The pizza toppings were applied with velcro, which makes them all removable/interchangeable. There's pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, and faces to boot!

One interesting thing that I hadn't realized until the moment she came out in that amazing thing was that I had never had the chance to hug pizza before, which was immediately remedied. It was an amazing experience that everyone should have.
If I weren't married, it would have been rad to get at least to second base with pizza, but those days are over now ;)

Then it was my turn to try on the costume! Heidi and Jessica helped me suit up and apply some toppings.
After some pizza body puppet fun and a nice photo shoot with Ziel, I went back to the cooking. People were hungry!
Heidi's gift to me was as much of a challenge as it was a blessing. In giving me this amazing thing, I now have to put it to good use. It is up to me to decide what exactly that good use will be.

So far, I've warn it for christmas day at my grandparents house. I showed up with a cooler full of frozen GoreMade Pizzas singing a remake of the popular "White Christmas". 

"White Pizza" lyrics;

I'm dreaming 
of a white pizza
just like the ones I used to dough.
Where the sausage glistens
and spinach is delicious
and the mushrooms are all locally grown.

I'm dreaming
of a white pizza
with every christmas card I do.
May there be lots of pizza for you....
and may all your pizza dreams come true!

I sang this song all the way through, even as my 18 month old was crying and my grandparents had a guest I'd never met before sitting on the couch taking it all in. She was quite impressed. And yes, all the pizzas I gave as christmas presents were white (no red sauce) pizzas. I even tried to send some to my brother in denver, but it arrived a week late and was a soppy wet mess. I sang him the song over the phone. I'll have to over-night it next time.

Christmas evening, we had a sleepy son who took refuge on the pizza costume and took the most delicious nap possible!
As for other uses for the pizza costume, I tried to wear the pizza costume to the hospital when a friend got his kidney transplant on new year's day, but that went about as wrong as it could. Just a note, Transplant patients go into very small rooms directly after surgery. I've also put it on at a friend's house in my home town after we ordered two large pizzas. I walked into the room as they were chowin' down.

"Hey Guys! I hear you love Pizza, so I thought I'd... HOLY $&!T, YOU'RE EATING THEM!" Then a lot of screaming. It was pretty friggin' funny.


So, now I've got this amazing costume and have to invent new reasons to wear it, and wear it often. If you've got any ideas, tell me in comments.

I think this lady deserves a pizza party, eh?

Pizza Love,

p.s. Thank you, Ziel, for the beautiful photo documentation!!!


01/23/2013 23:52

This is one of the funniest stories I've read about the random acts of joy Heidi brings to people! Love your joke on your friends "your eating them"!

GoreMade Pizza
01/24/2013 10:47

I concur, though the time she had a line of costumed body puppeteers come out of the woods and slowly overtake the clinton-como drum circle was about as awesome as anything, though a bit more ephemeral. Heidi never ceases to amaze!

01/24/2013 09:39

I want to see the late night Gore Made tv commercial around the holidays of you singing White Pizza is this costume. It would go viral.

GoreMade Pizza
01/24/2013 10:49

This, my friend, is a great idea! I should get on it now, so I have some time to perfect! Christmas, 2013, here we come.

01/24/2013 17:03

Can you see how HUGE my smile is?

GoreMade Pizza
01/24/2013 17:09

Without eyes, girl ;)

Ziel Amalgamation
01/28/2013 18:24

This is an epic story that will certainly become a legend in the history of Goremade Pizza. I can picture people watching a 3D, table top re-enactment of it with their holographic menu in the 55th Goremade Pizza restaurant -- the one just opened in Sydney, in the year 2033. Glad I was around to witness the original event. Heidi is a superstar, for sure! Any you, Nick, are the superstar of superstars for inspiring the superstars to do their superstar stuff! Hope to be around to see the holographic menu in action. I will never get tired of re-living this extra special moment shared with you and our amazingly talented and playful friends. :-)

GoreMade Pizza
01/28/2013 18:43

Thank you, Sir! I hope to be around for all this as well ;)


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